Veterinarian, Central Coast

Location: Erina  |  New South Wales  |  Australia
Sector: Vets
Consultant: Sam Whatley
Job Reference: HICERI
Job Status: Permanent /

Have you lost your Why?

Maybe you have been working for a few years or even new to the profession and are not so clear as to why you get out of bed to work each day.

Let us help you find your why.

We are a privately-owned Veterinary Hospital with two locations, West Gosford and Erina, located within a popular pet supplies store.

This has allowed us to have record growth and have the ability to have an impact beyond the scope of a regular Veterinary Hospital.

An example of this has been our senior Vet going on adventures in outback Australia participating in a dog desexing program. Which was an incredibly rewarding experience!

We could boast about the level of equipment and our extremely supportive team but we know this is not the principle driver in your choice of a job. We are shocked at the ongoing loss of people from our profession and are actively engaged in trying to reduce this in our workplace.

Having just completed three years of leadership training with the Lincoln Institute we have been putting these teachings in place to help support you fully both professionally and personally.

Our job has come about through growth and expansion of our hospitals not through anyone leaving which highlights how serious we are in retaining staff.

We are looking for someone that has a heart for wanting to get to the bottom of problems using all the modern diagnostic tools. We can help you not be distracted by just wanting to give the least cost option to clients in the hope of pleasing them.

We know this can be a major cause of losing your zest and enjoyment of our amazing profession.

The job is ideally full time but would also suit a return to work mum or similar, we are more than happy to discuss different options.